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Enhance your outdoor space with quality landscaping, and outdoor living & design for commercial and HOA’s.

Our Professional Services Include


Here at Regal Landscapes, it is our goal is to both improve and maintain the curb appeal of the Charlotte area.

Shrub & Turf Care

Providing residential, commercial and HOA services, plus customized annual contracts to fit all of your needs.

Outdoor Living & Design

Let the professionals at Regal Landscapes both design and install all of your outdoor living needs!

Irrigation Repair

Providing irrigation repair and maintenance for both the homeowner, commercial spaces and HOA’s.

Interested In A Quote?

It’s All About How We Treat You

Whether it’s design or maintenance of a residence or commercial building, the safety of our staff and customers is an utmost priority.  We are licensed, insured and bonded, providing complete coverage and peace of mind for our customers.  Contact Regal Landscapes and let us refresh your landscape.

View Our Projects