Managing your landscaping is not just about choosing, placing, and maintaining the plants in your space. The non-plant solid parts are important as well, adding functionality and balance, helping to space out the other elements and secure soil in place, maintaining proper water absorption for the living elements, positioning them well for receiving the sunlight they need while also remaining decorative, and even for providing paths for you and other guests to move around.

The ways that you assemble the non-living elements of your garden—walkways, walls, patios, and other constructions—are critical components that determine how the living elements will grow and interact both with each other and with you. Visually, the hardscape helps provide balance for the green parts, even serving to highlight any special arrangements or prized plants, and contributing to the overall aesthetic of your property.

Managing the hardscape can be a detailed and physically taxing task, and so it’s a good idea to hire a professional. With their rich design experience, expertise in the local climate and the handling of any resulting issues, as well as their know-how in best practices of putting together a healthy hardscape, you are more likely to receive services that will increase your property value and withstand over time.

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Retaining Walls/Fences

Retaining walls are a great creative touch to any residential or commercial area. They offer tons of different elements including beauty, originality, and a unique way of planting, and more!



Enhance your patio with a creative element of stone or pavement, flowers, and other great features. Not only can you enjoy a nice day or night on your patio year round with family, friends, or a nice relaxing evening alone, patios can seem like a second home, so why not make it worth your while? Install the patio of you’ve dreamt of!