Irrigation Repair

Regal Landscapes has been repairing irrigation systems for our customers in the Charlotte and surrounding areas for 22 years! Let us check and set controllers, adjust sprinkler heads and examine rain sensors for proper settings to ensure your system is in top condition.

How We Can Help You:

Our company can help commercial and residential properties with the following irrigation and landscaping services:

Existing System Repairs

Micro Sprinklers

Mist Systems

Pump and Timer Repairs

Rust Control Systems Maintenance

Who We Service

Regal Landscapes provides irrigation repair services utilizing Rain Bird and Hunter products, the best in the business. Whether you are a member of an HOA, a property manager or residential customer, we can help. Trust a company that specializes in lawn care to keep yours green and lush. If your sprinkler system pressure is low, it could be a broken pipe. Broken pipes leak water and raise your utility bill, but our experienced technicians can fix the issue quickly.

When a zone keeps running on and off cycle, you might have a valve problem. Valves are the heart of your irrigation system, so give us a call right away to check it out for you.  Regal Landscapes has been repairing and installing irrigation systems for our customers in the Carolinas for 15 years.

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Our irrigation repairs are guaranteed to fix the issue or we’ll keep trying, and you can call us for information at any time. We don’t recommend that you work on your own irrigation system. It’s easy to burst a pipe or break a valve with a misplace shovel. Leaving to the experts is cheaper in the long run.